Policy Analysis

China’s evolving motivations and goals in UN peacekeeping participation”. International Journal 73 (3) : 464-473.

“特金会”或延期,破解美朝互信难题需要第三方提供可靠承诺2018-5-23澎湃新 外交学人专栏 (Trump-Kim Summit May Postpone: Breaking the US-DPRK Mistrust Requires A Credible Commitment from a Third Party. The Papers, May 23 2018)

特朗普当选不是平民击败精英,而是平民之间出现了沟通危机2016-11-23澎湃新 外交学人专栏 (Trump Victory Not a Defeat of the Elites by the Masses, but a Result of Deep Division in the American Electorate. The Papers, Nov 23 2016)

让世界听懂中国倡议:外交话语需清楚表述中国自身利益2016-01-06 澎湃新 外交学人专栏 (China Should Explain Self-interest More Clearly in Its Foreign Policy Initiatives. The Papers, Jan 6 2016)